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"Come Catch The Fun!"
Professional Entertainers! World Class Frisbee Trick Dogs!
Action packed shows providing family fun entertainment!
Catch the Rave Reviews!!!
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Flying Houndz Frizbee offers a fresh, innovative
approach to family-fun entertainment! The
Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show's
speciality is Frisbee trick dog shows at a
world-class level, presented by a husband and
wife led team of performing Frisbee and trick
dog dancing canines. Our shows are for any
venue, big and small,
ground act or sporting
event, we offer fun for everyone!
Looking for a fresh, fun way to entertain your audience? Then "Come Catch the Fun!" with some of the
most entertaining performers and world-class Frisbee trick dogs!

We perform explosive, high-energy Frisbee tricks and one of a kind choreographed dancing dog routines
all in a family-oriented show thrilling crowds and creating fun for everyone!
Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show
"The Flying Houndz Frizbee Dogs are a first-class act. Jeff is wonderful to work with and comes very prepared. The dogs are awesome to watch on the floor
as they fly through the air! Our staff and fans enjoyed having the Flying Houndz Frizbee Dogs and would love to see them at another UC game in the future."
Marketing Staff
University of Cincinnati Bearcats
“The Flying Houndz Frizbee Dogs are very entertaining and the crowd absolutely loved them. Jeff has done a tremendous job training the dogs
and producing a performance that keeps the crowd interested. We look forward to having the Frizbee Dogs come back to a game in the future.”
Jenny Brown Assistant Marketing Director
University of Tennessee Athletics
Wichita State fans were lucky enough to have
the Flying Houndz Frisbee Trick Dog Show
perform at both a men’s and women’s
basketball game this season.  Shocker fans
thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining and
engaging performance put on by Jeff, Misty,
Vegas and Sadie – especially all the kids in
attendance for Kid’s Day!  Jeff was wonderful to
work with and we look forward to bringing them
back next season!  It is especially nice to
collaborate with a team such as Jeff & Misty
who demonstrate a high level of passion for the
fans and their amazing dogs!  Thank you!
Katie Glunt Director of Marketing & Game
Wichita State Athletics
Our basketball crowd loved the Flying
Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show!  It was
definitely one of the driving factors behind
ticket sales for the game, was affordable,
and fit well with our family environment.  Jeff
is very friendly and he worked hard to make
my job easy.  I know we won’t hesitate to
bring them back to a future game.
Drew Claassen, Marketing
Iowa State University
"We loved the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick
Dog Show! Apparently everyone else did as
well because all the seats were full and
there were several people standing to watch.
We tried to watch the show a second time
but the rain cancelled it  :(  There aren't too
many shows I'd watch a second time. We've
seen some of the past entertainment, and
this year was by far the best! Great job!"  
Lisa Hines Lanham
Bluegrass Fair facebook
We would like to thank each of our official sponsors for supporting the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show! We are
honored these corporations have entrusted in Flying Houndz Frizbee LLC to represent their company and fine products!
Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog
Show is available for:
State Fairs & County Fairs
Corporate events
Trade Shows
Pet Expos
Theme Parks
School Assemblies
Professional Sports such as: NBA, WNBA,
NFL, MLB, etc.
NCAA Sports such as: basketball, football,
baseball, etc.
And many others...
If we haven’t already done it, we are confident
we can do it for you! We can customise a
show for any event or venue. Let us know
about your
event details here.
Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog
Show is a family business, owned
and operated by Jeff and Misty
Wright, offering one of the most fun,
unique and exciting shows in the
business! Flying Houndz Frizbee LLC
prides itself by featuring our family
as the entertainers and canine
superstars, unlike others who hire
outside performers and canines to
perform in their shows. Our dogs are
truly our family, not dogs who are
used solely for the purpose of  
entertainment. We have rescued
most of our dogs from shelters and
are grateful they have become a part
of our life. When performing, our
focus is to create a family-fun
environment with lots of action,
energy and memories for all, with a
message of the special bond we
share with our family of performing
canines. Simply "Catch the Reviews"
and you will see why Flying Houndz
Frizbee Trick Dog Show has become
the most popular Frisbee trick dog
entertainment show  that everyone
wants to "Catch"! For booking
"Catch the Fun" here!
"The Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show was a huge hit with our show visitors as exhibited by the large crowds at every show. We received rave reviews
from everyone that attended one of your shows. They are family friendly and entertaining for audiences of all ages. Fabulous features of this kind bring
thousands of people to the show! Thanks for helping make this year's Home & Garden Show a huge success! We look forward to working with you again."
Tammy Ridgley-Staff VP Home Shows, Renee Mincher-Asst. Staff VP Home Shows, Ellen Viehmann-Asst. Staff VP Marketing
St. Louis Builders Home & Garden Show
Flying Houndz Frizbee brought the fun
live on the Today Show!

"Come Catch the Fun!" on the TODAY
Show logo to see our feature appearance!
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Featured on Good Morning America and the Today Show along with entertaining fans of the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, MLB and
audiences of the best state fairs, festivals, pet expos and corporate events!
A smash hit all over the country, the famous Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show is guaranteed to bring smiles and
special memories to all!
So invite Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show to be an entertainment feature at your next event!
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